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Bouncing Back After Lockdown – Communication is key

This year our world has been thrown into disarray and we have faced many challenges in our lives and businesses. Many businesses, even when open again, are still not quite back on their feet as before.

We know there are new rules to abide by now;  guidance on distancing, hygiene and the use of masks and visors might be part of your daily working environment now. You may feel that you’re working so much harder to earn your living and feeling huge pressure to maintain the new working standards that have been set. So, what can we do to help bring clients back through our doors?

Honestly, the only thing you can do is to reach out to your clients –  via social media, by email, by calling them, you could even send a card or a newsletter. Use whichever and all channels of communication that get your clients listening. Remember different clients will have their preferred method of communication, so what works for one won’t necessarily work for all.

Remind your existing clients what it is they love about you and your salon.

  • Is it the feeling they get from the pampering you provide?
  • Is it those little special touches that make the experience special?
  • Is it the banter, the conversation and the listening ear?
  • Or is it simply your team’s amazing skills?

What is it that makes you valuable to clients that they can’t recreate at home? The only way you can establish what they like is to reach out. It’s a personal touch. You can reassure them that you and your hardworking team are still offering all of those great perks and so much more!

Confirm the measures you’re taking to ensure safety

Anytime a client calls whether it’s to book or just to make an enquiry, let them know exactly what you and your team are doing to ensure their safety is at the forefront. You may be surprised at how that information can turn an enquiry into a long-term client. Make sure they know what to expect and how you are taking their safety seriously. 

Tell them about the new colours and products they NEED to try…

If you’ve recently upgraded or updated stock, let everyone and their granny know! This is huge because after lockdown, many people are wanting to try something with limited options for going out at the moment a new colour could be a great way to entice your clients in for a bit of self-indulgence and self-care at this time.

Remind them that as a small business you need their support

Your loyal clients will know that you’ve potentially been struggling and so now is the perfect time to remind them that supporting local is best. Tell them that now more than ever is the perfect time to book their appointment.

Start to look for and market to new clientele

It’s always a good idea to promote your salon to new clients. You can reach new audiences on social media, and you can also ask existing clients to spread the word among friends and family. Or go old school and do a leaflet drop in your area, this is still a very valid method of marketing which we recommend repeating regularly to get your name in front of potential clients. 

Communicate any changes to your salon, including opening hours and any priority hours on your website and on Google My Business if you have a listing. Use all the channels of communication you have to your advantage including email, text messaging, and your social media to give your clients useful information and get them back in the door.

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