In every single business, customer service is key. Yes, in the beauty industry, technical skills are essential, as is having qualified and trained therapists, but you should never underestimate the role of your receptionist. They play a very important role in your business. 

Your receptionist is like the face of the business; they are often the first point of contact for your clients. This is why it’s important that they offer a warm and friendly greeting the second your client walks through the door. 

Does Your Receptionist Go The Extra Mile?

It’s important to instil the importance of good customer service into your receptionist. It’s all about the little extras; a warm welcome, a kind smile, a complimentary drink, offering to take their coat and getting them some magazines. By simply being attentive and on the ball, you can turn a one-time customer into a long-term client. 

Help your receptionist give your clients that warm fuzzy feeling by investing in them. Concentrate on finding someone with a confident, friendly yet professional personality for your business. They must be likeable, after all, people buy people first before they buy a product or service.

Top Tips for Success

There are lots to consider when it comes to your receptionist and the surrounding areas, especially when a client first walks through your door. Let’s take a look at these. 

  • Is your receptionist smart and clean? It may seem like a silly question, especially within this industry, but that is why it’s so important. Having a business in the beauty industry really does mean that you and your team should look immaculate at all times, and this includes your receptionist. 
  • Is the reception area neat and tidy? There’s nothing worse than entering a salon or even a shop to be met by a reception or countertop that’s messy and unorganised. This is usually the first area of your salon that a client will see, so it’s essential it’s kept on top of. Invest in fresh flowers to brighten up the area, many florists will offer this service and replace your displays weekly. This will also help to present your salon throughout the seasons.
  • Is your receptionist chatty? You want someone greeting your clients who is chatty and friendly (yet professional and courteous), and who offers extra additional information on products and services. 

Good Customer Service Goes a Long Way

If a client returns to your salon and becomes a regular, it’s more likely to be because you and your colleagues have provided excellent customer service. Of course, your excellent range of services and skilled techniques will have a huge part to play, but good customer service really does go a very long way. Don’t undervalue your receptionist’s role in this!


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