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How microdermabrasion can help transform your business

Microdermabrasion has been around for many years now and with the results we continuously see it’s not hard to see why this treatment has endured so long in the Industry. So just how can it help transform your business? Read on to find out…

Make it part of a skincare plan

Offering a treatment in isolation is never going to make it a game-changer for your business so you need to look at it as part of a package of treatments. Microdermabrasion (MD) is most effective when taken as a course of treatments. It is even more effective as part of a treatment plan that includes lifestyle changes and a good skincare routine.

Regular and consistent treatments

With regular MD performed every 7-10 days, you exfoliate the top layer of skin cells before they have time to properly keratinise which is stimulating that newer, smoother layer to push up and give a result that really makes a lasting difference. It’s great for pigmentation, acne, acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles but your client needs to be consistent with their treatments and it’s also important to look at the homecare.

Client homecare

It’s not good enough to just let clients go home and use whatever they have in the drawer. It’s really important clients understand the importance of a good skincare routine. The should be using suitable and effective products between treatments. Arm them with your recommendations, SkinBase homecare with spf is excellent while on a course of facials.  After, you may have other product recommendations for clients to use to maintain the results achieved and of course we recommend a monthly maintenance treatment of MD.

Lifestyle changes

We are a big advocate for making some simple lifestyle changes to see improvements in the skin. Clients can’t expect to carry on as they were and expect to see changes. If you don’t make any changes you won’t see any changes. Our healthy habits guide lists some of the most important changes; drinking more water, cutting out refined carbs, applying SPF every day and getting regular exercise are just a few of these suggestions.

Transform your business with a long term plan

For microdermabrasion to transform your business it’s important you make it part of a wider long term plan for your clients to achieve and maintain great skin. It’s not a quick fix, make sure they understand it’s about making changes for their future skin and regular microdermabrasion can be part of that long term plan of improvement and maintenance.

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