Christmas is a busy time for everyone. Organising Christmas get-togethers, braving the shops, keeping on top of a festive workload and ferrying the kids around – Christmas can really take its toll on your clients. That’s why we’ve put together a few ideas to market your services so new and existing clients can see that a SkinBase treatment is exactly what they need to get them through the festive season. 

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The festive season is a tough time for your client’s complexion – late nights, overindulgences, central heating, cold weather…the list goes on. Use social media, your email newsletters and your in-store promotional spaces to talk about the benefits of SkinBase treatments for winter skin-woes. This will get people thinking about how their skin is going to cope during the festive season – and they’ll come to you for help. 

You might find that posting more during this period really pays off – not only are people in the mood to spend money, but we also tend to use social media more on bad weather days, so they’re more likely to see your content in winter! Share winter skincare tips on your Instagram, run a competition on Facebook, send out an email newsletter about treatment offers and show off your Christmas decorations on Insta Stories. Whatever you do, try to increase the amount of promotional content you put out during the run-up to Christmas, because it’s more likely to pay off. 

Festive fun 

Over Christmas, everyone is looking to get into the festive spirit, and what better way to do that than with incentives, extras or free gifts – they’ve come to expect it, so don’t disappoint! How about giving away a little box of festive chocolates or money off a manicure in January to each client who books or has a treatment during December? Or you could do a festive ‘lucky dip’ for anyone who makes a purchase in your salon – buy some clear Christmas baubles, and write down prizes on little pieces of paper, then place the paper inside the baubles. Put the baubles in a glass vase or bowl by your payment point and have your clients ‘dip in’ when they pay. Most of the prizes will be simple things like skincare samples, or chocolates, but put in a few bigger prizes such as 10% off vouchers, and one big prize such as free treatment voucher. This kind of offer is great fun and is really easy to promote on social media too. 

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