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Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing: The Impact of Colour

The beauty industry is saturated with estheticians so it is easy to get lost in the competition. Everyone is turning to social media to get their message out. How about Instagram Marketing and setting yourself apart with clever use of colour? Colours trigger psychological reactions in clients that prompt them to take action. They may like your post or book a treatment. So how can we best use colour psychology in our Instagram marketing?

Red Instagram Marketing

Red is warm and depicts strong emotions. Using red in your Instagram Marketing imagery may indicate promotions, sales and speed. If you are marketing relaxing beauty treatments and a tranquil environment, then it is best to move away from red unless absolutely necessary.


Blue is known to trigger feelings of trust, professionalism, and reliability in clients. If these elements are the key things you are trying to communicate then blue imagery across your Instagram is the best way to do it. Unlike red, blue is ideal for tranquil branding. An overload of blue may evoke clinical and cold feelings however, so don’t overdo it. Aim for a healthy balance.

Yellow Instagram Marketing

Yellow will bring joyful, happy and positive vibes to your Instagram feed. According to Harvard Business Review research, yellow posts are also most likely to go viral because of the emotions that are evoked. Think about summer and sunshine. Your clients will feel hopeful and optimistic.


Green is the best colour when your brand is organic, vegan, and good for the planet. It signifies balance, peace, growth and renewal. It tends to blend in so if you want to stand out, don’t use too much. Weigh up the pros and cons of using green to promote your treatments before splashing your Instagram with too much of it.

Pink Instagram Marketing

Pink is one of the most popular colours for salon Instagram posts. It promotes love, nurturing, gentleness and femininity – perfect for beauty treatments. When offering treatments that are relevant for everyone you may want to step away from a pink overload.


Associated with luxury, power and glamour, black is the go-to colour for sophistication. If you are promoting luxury facials and high quality treatments, try black to make a bold statement. Black and white pictures can stand out on Instagram as long as you include splashes of colour.

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