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Strategic Thinking Can Boost Business 

Strategically you should think about your clients from a ‘solution’ point of view. This means taking the time to put yourself in the shoes of your client and consider ways you can help them get the most from your services while making money at the same time.

When you start thinking about clients from a solution point of view, it doesn’t just need to be about treatments in the salon. Providing advice and skincare products to use at home is also a very valuable service and can help to provide an income source even when salons are closed or you’re busy with other things.

For example, helping your client to transform their skin should be the long-term goal, and while a one off or course of treatments can help skin in the short term, to really help your client, the solution should be long term and involve maintenance that they can undertake at home.

Too Good to Miss

Everyone loves a good deal or a bargain, and you might want to tempt clients in to your long term solution initially. So if you have a reason to promote something, make sure you do and make sure it is with a long term plan in mind.

For example, if a client has a facial treatment, make sure that you carry out a thorough consultation first, that outlines an initial short term plan and include a ‘prescription’ that you give them with details of the treatments and products you recommend to start on their path to perfect skin. You could offer a special price for the package that offers a great saving for the client and more treatment bookings and retail sales for you. If ‘selling’ makes you feel a bit queasy, look at it another way; Your client is a walking advertisement for your treatments, the more compliments they get and the better their skin looks the more business you will create by word of mouth and the happier your client will be. You don’t want clients walking around with bad skin, you want them to look their best!

Any Excuse to Celebrate

It’s been a challenging year for so many of us, so when things start to get back to normal, take advantage of every holiday and event opportunity. After all, your lovely clients will no doubt be dying to get out and pamper themselves after a tough time and this creates a perfect advertising opportunity to entice them in.

Plus, special events always catch the eye of a potential client. You can give mums a little something extra on Mother’s Day, offer a back to school discount, or even discount for particular days if they are quieter. If you’re looking to get clients to commit to more of your services, you could advertise something like buy a course of 6 SkinBase treatments and get a free homecare cream or free treatment.

Clients Come First

Your client should always come first, and to build a reputable salon brand, it’s vital that each and every client feels well looked after from start to finish. So, every now and again, stop and think about what you could do to better support your client in receiving the best ever service and create a solution to the idea! Good luck!

Stand Out

No matter how great your salon is, if people do not know that it exists, you will not get the clients that you need to succeed. The most important things that you can do to get more clients is to be memorable and stand out from all of the other salons in your area. Think about your USP, your ‘unique selling point’ and this might just be offering that extra expert advice that your clients can take home with them.

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