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What’s in a name? Naming your beauty business

Who’d have thought that naming a beauty business could be so tricky? For some, the perfect name just comes in an instant, but for others (and we know this feeling all too well), it can be challenging to come up with the perfect name.

You want the name of the business to be memorable and to stand out from the competition. But where do you even begin? Whether you’re just starting in business, opening your first salon or looking to rebrand your existing business, the name you choose is vitally important.

Make it Memorable

Including your name or possibly the location can help clients remember the name of your business, “Laura Bates Beauty Room” or “Beauty Clinic Atlanta” for example. If you make it too generic; ‘The Beauty Rooms’ it could easily get confused with a competitor offering similar services. After all, it’s a common occurrence, with so much competition nowadays, that people often book services with a salon in entirely different cities because of confusing name similarities. A good place to start is to check the names of nearby beauty businesses to try and rule out any confusion.  

Something to remember is that it can be a mistake to be too specific. Sarah’s Lashes is great -until you want to branch out into other areas and add in facials, brows or gel nails. However, adding ‘Specialist’ or ‘Expert’ to the name can make you stand out against the competition in this area. Of course, you must have the skills and qualifications to back up these claims of expertise. ‘Skincare’ and ‘Beauty’ are more general and suggest a broader range of treatments is available.

Brainstorm with Others

Sometimes, when trying to think of beauty business names yourself, you get caught in a particular mode or mindset, and it can be tough moving away from a specific ‘theme’. For many people, ideas don’t just flow out like turning on a tap, so it can help to bounce some ideas off those around you.

If you’re rebranding or expanding or you already have a team, then get everyone together and start throwing ideas around and write them all down. This works well because what one team member says may not be quite what you are looking for, but it could spark creative genius in another.

If you are just starting and you don’t yet have a team, then get your friends and family and any existing clients together for some drinks, and do the same thing, it can be a lot of fun! Sure, you will get some ridiculous suggestions, but somewhere in there might just be gold…

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