The SkinBase™ Intense Pulsed Light Machine

An additional revenue stream for your business. Start earning from day one, with no risk.

The SkinBase™ Intense Pulsed Light Machine An Additional Revenue Stream for your Salon

The SkinBase™ Intense Pulsed Light machine is the most advanced technological system in the aesthetic field, it is Medical CE certified and manufactured in Europe.

The SkinBase™ Difference

Our IPL system has an industry leading spot size, so treatments take less time than with other machines. The machine also incorporates a “cryo-handset” used to cool the area before treatment. The cryo-handset gives a chemical-free local anesthetic effect. As a result, you no longer need cool packs or gel for treatments, saving you even more time and expense.

Your clients will need a course of treatments to achieve permanent hair reduction. However, the exact number will depend on the area treated as well as individual properties of your client’s hair and skin pigmentation.

What is Intense Pulsed Light?

SkinBase™ IPL is a light based therapy used for hair reduction. It can also be used for medical therapies such as vascular lesions, acne and photo rejuvenation.

Results are achieved using a high powered flash handset to deliver intense pulses of light to the treatment area. A variety of cutoff filters block unwanted or damaging wavelengths. The resulting output targets a specific condition or skin structure to achieve the desired result.

Read more about IPL and what it can treat.

SkinBase™ Intense Pulsed Light Machine on PAYG

Due to the capital outlay required to purchase one of these high end machines the most popular option is our unique PAYG system. The SkinBase™ IPL machine comes pre-programmed with over 80 of the most popular IPL treatments and the appropriate amount of flashes. Simply select your treatment from the touchscreen. Our PAYG system then automatically bills you weekly at pre-agreed rates for each treatment type.

Coming Soon

SkinBase IPL is not currently available in the US. Register your interest now to be one of the first to offer SkinBase IPL when it arrives.

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